While in Estonia

Social events

We regularly arrange events for our clients, so they and/or their family members will have plenty of opportunities to mix and mingle with other expats from different countries as well as interesting people from Estonia. Such events often include dinners, outings, excursions and various other social gatherings.

Job opportunities and social engagement for accompanying family members

We understand that your family members who join you when relocating to Estonia have to leave their professional lives behind them. This can be stressful at times. We help them find work and activities, enabling them to continue being active while staying in Estonia. Doing so, we cooperate with local personnel selection firms and NGO-s.

In more detail, we:

  • Hold an interview with you to establish your qualifications, expectations and respective
    realistic possibilities in Estonia

  • Advise on possible alternative fields of employment that correspond to your profile and interests

  • Conduct your job search, using our partnering employment agencies and existing network of contacts

  • Help in designing your CV and other credentials

  • Suggest charity and other projects with Estonian NGOs and set up meetings with relevant local contacts

Animation activities for children and young adults

In case your company holds an out-of-town retreat or there will be other engagements that distract you from being with your loved ones, we offer to arrange activities where your children as well as the children of your colleagues can be kept entertained and happy while their parents are at the meeting. For the youngest among us, we offer special art activities in partnership with Babies’ Creativity Room


We will find and recommend sporting facilities so you can keep keeping in shape and practicing your favourite sports. In case of a sufficient number of locals or expats with similar hobbies, we will organise teams and joint training sessions.

Information about events

Our newsletter will feature updated information about events that are potentially of interest to our expat community. We also assist you in getting tickets and organise transport if needed.


We help you find a nanny for your dearest ones, whether it is for a one-off occasion or on a regular basis.

Housekeeping and domestic help

We help you find a suitable solution for you housekeeping needs and other domestic services you may require.

Security and bodyguard services

Based on your requirements we, in cooperation with partners, offer a variety of solutions and help you choose the most suitable one.

Chauffeur services

We help you find and hire a chauffeur or rent a vehicle with a driver for short term needs

Handling real-estate issues

We help you solve day-to-day issues related to your home in Estonia. That may include liaising with technical maintenance companies, advising on which services to use and their price-to-quality ratio.

IT support

In cooperation with our partners we help you with all IT related needs from purchase advice to on-site repairs.


We operate a helpline that is available for you during business hours to help you find a solution to any problems you may face. Our VIP customers have the benefit of a personal account manager who has a deep and clear understanding of your needs and requirements.