Upon depature

  • Flights and other departure logistics: We will take care of your departure logistics – we book your flight tickets, take you to the airport and organise the moving of your household items and personal belongings to your next destination
  • Formalities and paperwork: We handle all the formalities related to your departure – cancelling your residence and work permit, registering your departure, unregistering your vehicle, etc.

  • Real-estate: We help you close all contracts related to your home in Estonia, including cleaning, returning the property to the owner and reimbursement of your deposit.

  • Farewell party: If needed, we will help you organise a farewell party, whether it’s just a drink with friends and colleagues in the pub or a large formal reception.

Mail forwarding after your departure

We will forward all your mail to your next destination for 6 months after
your departure (longer upon request)