Before arrival

Practical information about Estonia

Each new client planning to relocate to Estonia receives our welcoming package by courier. The package contains practical information about living and working in our country as a foreigner. It will help you get started with preparations for the relocation-proper.

Phone interview

We will conduct a phone interview with you early on before the relocation actually takes place.

The purpose of this interview is to identify your requirements and expectations related to the move and your stay in Estonia, so we can tailor our support to match your exact situation.

Offers for housing

We will consider your needs, expectations and budget in identifying the best possible options for finding a home in Estonia. Our recommendations consider the reputation and general atmosphere of different neighbourhoods and features such as access to public transport network and safety.

In cooperation with you or your employer we draft and negotiate the rental agreement on your behalf.

Offers for a vehicle

We will help you in finding the best offers for purchase, lease or rent of a vehicle for your transport needs while in Estonia. We assist you in getting a leasing contract from a local bank. We also take care of all the formalities related to registering or re-registering your vehicle in Estonian registries as well as getting the best deals for both the mandatory and/or additional insurances. Needless to say, we also explain the paid parking system in Estonia

Other benefits:
  • Offers for insurance: We will help you find the best deals for insurance contracts, whether it is for your family‚Äôs home, vehicles, travel or health.
  • Counselling in security matters: We will explain the security situation in Estonia, evaluate your particular needs and advise on the most suitable providers of security services.

  • Hobbies (sport, culture, etc.): We will map your interests and preferences for spending your free time and spending time with your hobbies. We will recommend and help you find the most suitable sports or fitness clubs, entertainment venues and cultural events. We will also keep you posted about the events we ourselves regularly organise.

  • Food (diets and special needs): We advise you on the availability of the more exotic food items in Estonia as well as on the best ways to stick with your diet while living in Estonia.

Arranging your arrival

We make all the necessary preparations for your actual arrival in Estonia, coordinating your schedule with your employer, landlords and other partners with whom you will need to meet once you have arrived.